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“E kore e ngaro he takere waka nui”

This is the story based on the life of Airini Karauria, later to become Airini Donnelly and also known as Airini Tonere.


Airini was related to all the leading chiefs of Hawke’s Bay and her life from 1854 to 1909 was a very interesting one.


Airini became a competent litigator in all the known New Zealand courts as well as the Privy Council on her quest to fight for the rights of her people, herself and her whanau.


By 1900 she became the leading hostess of this nation and her life has been well documented although fragmented until today that is when all the information has been collated into this very compelling read.


There are over 100 images of individuals and scenes of early Hawke’s Bay, many of which have never been seen before.

This important and exciting new book title is now available
to buy, direct from this website!

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